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Complete memory solutions for desktops, laptops, and servers. We provide cutting edge work in the form of advanced memory products of frissons range for higher end work and gaming experiences.

Multiple tasks
A Precision Engineered Heat Sink
Superior Overclocking
Extreme Gaming Experience
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Enhance your productivity with high performance. Aarvex SSD significantly improves the responsiveness of your system with incredible boot, loading and transfer times compares to mechanical hard drives.

Fast Speed
High Reliability
Stunning Durability
Energy Efficiency
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If you’re looking to build your own PC, or to buy a pre-built PC that you might want to expand or upgrade later, then this Aarvex Motherboard is build for you. Just customise as per your requirement with multiple ports, Intel Chipset and lot more.

Multiple Ports
Energy Efficiency
Various Form Factors
GPU Support

Lightning Speed
Delighted Experience

Our products are being loved by the consumers for their reliability, stability and being performance intensive. Quality products at a fair price are the end results of our continuous efforts to bring the best aarvex experience to the Indian buyers.
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Performance Beyond Expectations, Experience Beyond Imagination

Born For Faster Life

Never compromise on what you love

Value Providing

Lightning speed and delighted experience