Performance beyond expectations, experience beyond imagination

Our years of doing business are to give the best experiences of product used by the consumers. Our memory products are being loved by the consumers for their reliability and stability and being performance intensive. Quality memory modules at a fair price are the end result of our continuous efforts to bring the best Aarvex experience to the Indian buyers. Creating the best consumer experience in Desktop, Laptop and server is the idea behind Aarvex workings. Aarvex practices an excellent customer relation that stretches beyond the product sales as we have a round the clock after sales support to help the consumers. Aarvex memory modules built of high quality components are designed for the high stability and upgraded performance for all Intel and AMD platforms. All Aarvex memory modules are tested with latest extensive suite of testing software to ensure maximum speed and stability while guaranteeing a performance of brilliant scales. With memory devices to support the Desktop, Laptop and Server, we guarantee the best in the world experience to India. With a wide range of devices from DDR 1, DDR 2, DDR 3 and DDR 4, the options are plenty to help the consumers pick the best memory devices suitable for their system. The quality services are in line with the latest technology to help the Indian consumers enjoy the products with an utmost ease. A competitive price and latest technology like the heat dissipation technology matching the international standards. We offer the right blend of technology and pricing for the consumers. With an attractive heat design sink, it lends a modern and sleek look to the memory products while making sure the system doesn’t heat up during the intensive work. Aarvex is always working with the latest technology and experts to bring the best memory solutions for the customer’s system. We are experts in providing the best memory support to keep the work up and running with the ultra-reliable memory guiding you through the daily requirements with an effortless ease.

We provide the cutting edge work in the form of advanced memory products of FRISSON range for higher end work and gaming experiences. Frisson would be a revolution in the world of brilliant memory technology with its extensive series of products. Frisson incorporates the best technology for the memory modules with the enhanced heat sink design developed and conceived in our labs. The heat sink design follows the international guidelines with ease and its heat dissipation ability is best in the memory modules. It’s time to pack your high end systems with the memory module while giving it a boost with Aarvex and Frisson memory units.

Our core values

Our Work Culture

Built on the ethos of team spirit and combined efforts, we are a step ahead of our competitors. With a team of hard working and resource enabled professionals, we are setting new benchmark with products like the Desktop, Laptops and Servers. Our team gets the freedom in finding the best solutions for customers.

Efficiency enhanced

Handling the worries with a smile is the driving force behind Aarvex burgeoning reputation in the market. With a world class customer service dedicated to the ever expanding customer base is the hallmark of us. We streamline the supply chain and lending gravitas of efficiency to every service and work. With a plethora of services and work behind the scenes, Aarvex is now delivering the best in the category service to the business partners and our customers with a smile.

A well of Knowledge

Being in sync with the evolving technology and time is the absolute necessity. With a well of knowledge being explored on a frequent basis for the improvement of services and productivity for the brand. Aarvex InfoTech strives forward in implementing the best training methodologies and knowledge for the overall improvement of the working employees who in turn will empower the consumers to make the best choices.

Open and transparent

Transforming the services takes collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders. We are open and transparent in the way we do business and help the consumers. With frank and welcoming feedbacks from the employees, business partners and the consumers to create and enable the best services everyone around the globe.


We promote team spirit within and outside our organisation. We believe in working together with our business partners and employees to meet our common goals

Open Management

We encourage feedback from our employees, business partners and customers to help to serve our customers better


We believe in giving our best service to our business partners, suppliers and customers. We strive to always maintain a world class customer service relationship. We want to be always ready to meet the demand of the market and our customers’ needs.


We believe in training and upgrading our people and keep them equipped with the latest technology and know how