Aarvex Desktop DDR 1 1GB 2700
January 8, 2018
Aarvex Desktop DDR 2 1GB 4200
January 8, 2018

Aarvex Desktop DDR 1 1GB 3200

Aarvex has series of Memory units for every possible need and give your device a powerful boost. The DDR 1 Ram is developed with the best efforts and affordably priced to give the Desktop a quick upgrade on the memory options. With the highest frequency of 400MHZ, one can just sit back and enjoy the brilliance. Effectively, it doubles the transfer rate without increasing the frequency of the clock. So, clocking high levels of performance is enabled with the aid of DDR 1 ram. Aarvex memory is an exciting blend of technology and stability at an attractive price making them a preferred brand for many customers looking to overhaul their desktops. Designed for Indian customers looking to expand their desktop memory, Aarvex is becoming one of the best memory solutions for all systems across the world.







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