Aarvex Desktop DDR 2 1GB 4200
January 8, 2018
Aarvex Desktop DDR 2 1GB 6400
January 8, 2018

Aarvex Desktop DDR 2 1GB 5300

Aarvex is one of the trusted and well-known names in the world of memory. Memory upgrades for desktops have become easier with the arrival of the of Aarvex DDR 2 memory series. It is built to improve desktop experience by making it run faster and smoother. Aarvex memory upgrade is one of the most talked about products in the memory market. It is technologically superior and designed to improve your system’s performance. Aarvex memory ensures that your computer is able to achieve faster loading of memory intensive applications thus desktops are more responsive. Aarvex memories are strenuously tested to maintain the quality essential to give the desktops a good memory capacity. Our memory products are tested under conditions to give it a prime feel of being technologically superior and good performance. Every Aarvex ram module is tested for complete functionality before it leaves for your desktops. Give your computer the best by trusting in Aarvex products. It arrives in 2 variants namely 1 GB and 2 GB clocking up frequencies respectively 667MHZ(5300U), 800MZH(6400U).







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