Aarvex Desktop DDR 3 8GB 14900
January 9, 2018
Aarvex Desktop DDR 4 HS 8GB 17000
January 9, 2018

Aarvex Desktop DDR 4 HS 4GB 17000

DDR4 is the new variant in the DDR series for the desktops and achieved popularity thanks to its features of achieving high speed and efficiency. All this is due to the increased transfer rates and decreased voltage in the memory. The new memory technology is the latest example of the continuing internal developments enable computing advancements. Aarvex DDR 4 is the brilliant new variant in the memory series and giving new facets to the desktops performance. Key performance indicators of the Aarvex DDR-4 are the higher DIMM capacities, improved data integrity and lower power consumption. Optimized for the Indian consumers keeping in mind the speeding over-clocking and support for the latest Intel and AMD chipsets in the market. Designer Heat sinks Manage heat dissipation with an ultimate ease while giving the best performance in the DDR 4 category, One of the advanced DDR 4 memories available in the market. It’s the time to give the system a boost with Aarvex state of the art DDR 4 memory technology and work around various functionalities. Aarvex DDR 4 works with next gen processors while making the system faster and efficient. Available in 4GB, 8GB & 16GB while clocking up impressive frequencies like 2133MHZ, 2400MHZ, 3000MHZ, and 3200MHZ for the memory ranges.

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